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Kroger Precision Marketing is fueling the future of television. Brands can enjoy the best of both worlds by combining the precision of retail insights with the addressability of streaming TV.

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Reach relevant streaming TV audiences at scale.

Few people watch TV the same way they did a few years ago. Today, streaming TV delivers a more personalized consumer experience. This is an opportunity for brands to win - but only if they use precision signals to identify audiences and optimize campaigns.

KPM is at the forefront of bringing precision purchase signals to connected TV. Through programmatic CTV and managed-service options, KPM is creating a more connected and relevant future for TV advertising.

Relevant audiences, measurable impact

The scale and impact of television With millions of households shopping at Kroger, your brand can engage audiences on the main screen of their living room.
Reach valuable streaming households Kroger households that are also Roku subscribers spend at least 3X more on promoted products than the average Kroger household. (Internal data from 100+ Roku/KPM campaigns executed in 2022)
Measure campaign impactAdvanced TV campaigns increase household penetration an average of 10% for participating brands, as well as building sustainable, long-term impact in new household lifetime value. Source: Internal data from 100+ Roku/KPM campaigns executed in 2022
Proven performanceIn 100+ campaigns with Roku so far, media sales uplift is almost 6% and median household uplift is over 8%.

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