Inspire relevant households across the open web using your preferred Demand-Side Platform (DSP).

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Combine the performance of retail media with the reach of programmatic advertising.

Kroger's suite of programmatic media solutions enable brands to be more effective with their digital marketing campaigns. In a cookieless world, advertisers can now reach relevant Kroger audiences using their own DSP of choice and optimize performance against in-store and online sales.

KPM makes programmatic buying easier while offering brands and agencies unmatched flexibility, speed, and control of their campaigns. Whether your desired outcome is awareness, trial, or sales, our programmatic media solutions provide the scale and high-performance audiences to achieve your campaign goals.

Enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns

Custom First-Party Audiences Apply our insights to reach relevant households such as category shoppers, loyal shoppers, lapsed shoppers, and others.
The Power of Data ScienceFirst-party purchase-based audiences yield 5X more sales performance when comparing first-party Kroger insights to third-party interest and demographic targeting.
Optimize Performance with Kroger InsightsDaily closed-loop sales reporting allows you to optimize against household penetration, aROAS, and sales. (2022 Kroger Precision Marketing vs. 3P Case Study )

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