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Onsite Search and Display ads give brands the tools to both retain loyal shoppers and win new households.

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Maximize visibility with loyal and active shoppers.

With shopping routines under disruption, it is more important than ever for brands to be visible in the digital aisle. The data science behind Kroger onsite search creates an easier shopping experience – while also empowering shoppers to discover new products.

With Kroger’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and Targeted Onsite Ads (TOAs), brands can unlock greater product discovery, measure the impact of their advertising, and ultimately improve consumer engagement.

Unlock greater discovery

Product Listing AdsProduct Listing Ads allow brands to boost individual products in highly trafficked placements across the site to help grow brand sales from both new and existing shoppers.​
Targeted Onsite AdsOnsite Display ads act as an end cap for digital shoppers, providing inspiration and consideration across highly trafficked placements.​
Boost Sales91% of 4,800 on-site campaigns saw a positive sales impact after people interacted with our basket-builder units.
Reduce Purchase Cycles75% of all campaigns saw a decrease in the average purchase cycle.

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