Email & Push Notifications

A unique, exclusive, and highly personal way to reach customers through their email inbox or phone’s home screen.

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Deliver personalized and timely messages directly to Kroger customers via email and app notifications.

Email and Push Notifications narrow the digital shelf, driving shoppers directly to the website or app to engage with your brand. Purchase-based audiences ensure your brand’s message gets delivered to audiences who are most engaged with the products and the channel.

Direct connections with relevant audiences

Single-Subject EmailsCommunicate 1:1 with the most relevant customers and tailor creative to represent the brand's message while leveraging Kroger's trusted brand equity and industry-leading open rates.
Email ModulesLeverage high engagement rates of weekly kroger emails to promote brand-specific content, offers, or promotions as part of the larger, multi-subject email.
Push NotificationsShort-form messaging drives shoppers to engage with your brand's message or call to action through the Kroger app.
Combine with CouponsAmplify Targeted Digital Coupons to help them stand out and reach new households.

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